Option 1 – bare hands πŸ™‚

Yup, simply eat fresh fruits, veggies and small amounts of nuts and seeds.

Remember to stay safe and wash your hands and produce before eating.

Option 2 – knife, cutting board, bowl and spoon.

The most minimal “kitchen” that you can easily bring anywhere would be a knife and a spoon. You can peel or cut open fruit and eat it with a spoon. You could also peel veggies and eat them like an apple. I love to do it with raw sweet potatoes. Yes, they are just as edible as raw carrots. Are you rolling your eyes yet? πŸ˜€

Our favourite knifes are ceramic. Black ceramic knifes are very strong and don’t break as easy as while ones.

You can make delicious salads. Make dressing by massaging avocado or mango into your salad and squeezing some lemon on top.

Option 3 – add citrus squeezer and potato masher

If you are travelling a lot, you consider adding a simple citrus squeezer to your mini-kitchen. Potato masher is excellent for mashing fruit and mixing it with a green powder into a chunky green smoothie bowl.

Option 4 – add NutriBullet

NutriBullet (or similar blenders) are small, light, inexpensive and very efficient. They are high speed and make surprisingly silky smoothies. The only drawback is they tend to break easily. Try to use them as carefully as you can.

With these mini-blenders you can make smoothies, soups, dressings, nut and seed yogurts, raw cracker and bread dough and so much more.

Option 4 – get a powerful high-speed blender instead

With a powerful high speed blender you can blend anything you like and you could also use it as a food processor with pulse or wet-chop method.

We love our new professional vacuum Kuvings blender. It is quite pricy, but so worth it.

I do miss the old (more powerful) model of Vitamix. You can get a vacuum attachment for Vitamix to enjoy extra fresh and delicious smoothies. Yes, vacuuming makes a huge difference.

Option 5 – add juicer, dehydrator and food processor

Juicing is a fantastic way to get extra hydration, boost your nutrition and speed up the healing process. A good slow juicer, like Nama or Kuvings is what we would recommend. We would warn you from wasting your money or high speed juicers and any cheap juicers.

Dehydrating or partially dehydrating your raw foods can make it way more fun and satisfying. Definitely worth the investment.

Food processor can speed up you meal prep time and makes certain recipes possible, that would be hard to make otherwise.

Option 5 – gadgets for food prep

Salad spinner and vacuum jar lids or food storage containers can help you to store the food you prepare in advance.