Reny is a sparkling health and fitness enthusiast. She loves to prepare tasty, healthy and pretty looking raw vegan food and to learn and implement the latest research in nutrition and holistic health. Reny is a certified yoga teacher.

Before going raw vegan Reny always tried to get thinner since she was 16. And she ended up following a high protein Atkins diet for about a year, which made her much thinner, but gave her a wide range of health problems, like kidney pain, liver damage, very dry skin and infections.

Reny began her raw vegan journey in 2007 and has been about 95% raw for the first 3 years of her journey and 100% raw vegan since 2010. Today she is feeling better than ever.

She is a graphical designer, her passions include photography, making delicious and healthy raw vegan food, writing about health and happiness, dancing, supporting people on their raw vegan journey and helping Jesse, her amazing partner with his awesome mission.