If it’s more important to you the way you feel then the way you look…

And it’s more important for you the way you look than the number you see on your bathroom scale…

If you would love to eat healthy and balanced high raw vegan food, so you can uncover the body of your dreams and your cravings or emotional eating are holding you back from that…

Then I am excited to invite you to join me on a fantastic  7-day adventure of breaking free from cravings, so you can uncover the healthy, happy, fit and emotionally free person you deserve to be.

We start on 22nd of October, grab your spot while places are available.

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“I overcame a serious disease and released 30 pounds of unwanted weight. The raw vegan lifestyle under guidance of Jesse and Reny boosted my energy and confidence. I look and feel like a brand new person.“

Lee from New York

“Reny and raw vegan food helped me to release 31 pounds very quickly and to keep it off for over 8 years. I overcame back pain, blood pressure issues, depression, and some other health challenges.”

Siret from Australia

“From my experience I can tell you that from a complete sceptic of this style of eating I turned into enthusiast and supporter. Digestion works like a clockwork, no more health issues, I released 28 pounds and I feel great!”

Juri from Estonia

My raw vegan colleagues

Danielle Baas

Danielle Baas

Raw vegan potlucks in Netherlands

Danielle participated in our programs, came to our retreat, to our cruise. We are good friends!
Jesse Bogdanovich

Jesse Bogdanovich

Raw vegan pioneer, my dear partner

Jesse is raw vegan since 1998. He is a very kind and powerful raw vegan coach.
Juta Kokk

Juta Kokk

Raw vegan classes in Estonia

Juta participated in all our programs and got all our books and meal planners. Good friend!

Shine. Love. Contribute.

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