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Meet Reny

Reny is a sparkling health and fitness enthusiast. She loves to prepare tasty, healthy and pretty looking raw vegan food and to learn and implement the latest research in nutrition and holistic health. Reny is a certified yoga teacher.

Before going raw vegan Reny always tried to get thinner since she was 16. And she ended up following a high protein Atkins diet for about a year, which made her much thinner, but gave her a wide range of health problems, like kidney pain, liver damage, very dry skin and infections.

Seasonal fruit is the best food staple for thriving

I know what amazing principles Reny follows in her food combining and preparation, I bought Reny’s book to get a boost in getting back to more than one raw meal in my day. And I highly recommend you check it out.

Dr. Biljana Karamehmedovic

“This meal plan is just perfect. Very simple,  easy to follow for anybody and doesn’t cost a lot.  Thank you for inspiring me!..”

Siret Rajasalu

“I never believed that I could eat only raw for a whole week, especially on a detox mode. But it was so easy and I felt myself just perfect. Now I know how easy it is to eat fully raw. What you are doing works and helps lots of people!”

Kristel Saik

My raw vegan colleagues


Danielle Baas

Danielle Baas

Raw vegan potlucks in Netherlands


Danielle participated in our programs, came to our retreat, to our cruise. We are good friends!

Jesse Bogdanovich

Jesse Bogdanovich

Raw vegan pioneer, my dear partner


Jesse is raw vegan since 1998. He is a very kind and powerful raw vegan coach. 

Juta Kokk

Juta Kokk

Raw vegan classes in Estonia


Juta participated in all our programs and got all our books and meal planners. Good friend!

Shine. Love. Contribute.

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