Scared by Instagram salads?

Do you really have to stuff yourself to succeed as a raw vegan?

Do all these humongous fruit platters and enormous salads on social media scare you away from a raw vegan lifestyle?

Maybe you tried to eat this way, but your stomach capacity and budget just couldn’t take it for too long?

Is it true that you have to eat kilos of fruits and veggies on every meal?

Slow transition

Yes, it’s true that raw vegan food is much lower in calorie density and you do need to eat larger volumes of it to get the same amount of calories as from cooked or especially processed food.

And at the same time, you need to understand that your body is used to much smaller portions if you are eating cooked foods.

That’s why, in most cases, gradual transition to raw foods is necessary if you would like to succeed long term. Particularly if you are currently eating processed foods or animal products.

By simply switching to whole plant foods you are already helping your body to get much healthier. Eat as much fresh produce as you comfortably can without feeling overwhelmed by it.

After you feel comfortable with unprocessed vegan food, you can start transitioning to raw foods by eating fresh fruits or green smoothies for breakfast.

Try to match the amount of calories you would normally eat in your cooked meal with the raw version. You can calculate it approximately by using the free Cronometer app.

Making raw vegan lifestyle work

It can be helpful to eat more calorie dense fruits, like bananas and mangoes. Adding greens to your fruit meals can help you to feel more satisfied.

Don’t be shy to add some healthy fats to your raw veggie meals. You can experiment with fat percentage that works for you the best – 10, 15, or sometimes even 20% of fat by calories.

Over time your stomach will get used to larger meals, and you will be able to get all the calories you need from the raw vegan food without having to stuff yourself.

What is your experience with eating large portions of raw vegan foods? Do you feel that you have to stuff yourself without feeling satisfied?