The biggest secret to your raw vegan success is your big WHY.

My biggest WHY comes from experiencing chronic health challenges at a young age and desire to live a healthy, happy life with a slim and fit body.

Since I was 16, I dreamed about getting slimmer and tried most diets, weight loss supplements, starving, overexercising, and even developing a mild eating disorder.

Weight loss was on my mind all day, year-round, for decades. The number on the scale determined the way I felt about myself.

Desperate, I went on a high-protein, low-carb, low-fat diet that kept my scale number low. But I was feeling horrible. I had low energy, pain in my liver and kidneys, skin rashes, and lung issues and a serious infection that was known to be resistant to antibiotics. I felt like a mess, and I was only 29.

Fifteen years ago, I finally found the raw vegan lifestyle. It was like a breath of fresh air. My kidney and liver pain went away within a week. I slimmed down without starving myself. I ended my eating disorder and became happier than I’ve ever been before. A few years later my “incurable” infection was gone completely without a single use of antibiotics.

And even then after all this success, I was still making many mistakes and stumbling on the unhelpful ways to eat raw food, feeling confused many times.

It took me many years to fine-tune my eating to figure out how to keep my desired level or health, happiness and fitness without even thinking about it.

What kept me going from the very beginning is this beautiful vibrant energy I am getting from eating fresh fruits, greens and veggies.

To find you big WHY, imagine you’ve been eating super healthy raw vegan food and living the overall healthy lifestyle form now on. Imagine how would you feel one year from now. Take your time, close your eyes and let your imagination fly.

Recall this vision of your vibrant future self every time you need to motivate yourself.

You might need a lot of motivation for our next step. Hold on tight and get ready!