There is a big trend in fruitarian community to avoid greens for ethnical and spiritual reasons and because of not such great taste. So do we need greens or can we just stick with fruit?

First, we need to understand that soils are getting depleted not only through overuse, but even more so through chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides reacting with naturally occurring minerals in our soils and forming new chemical compounds that are unusable and often even harmful for our body.

And why do we need minerals to be healthy? Because there are thousands of chemical reactions going on in our body on a daily basis to keep each cell, and your whole body alive and healthy. And without minerals all these reactions would not be possible. So when we get deficient in certain minerals, our body starts malfunctioning.

Even getting a glucose out of the fruit into our cells and turning it into energy requires minerals. And of cause fruit contains many of these minerals already, but sadly not enough anymore because of the depleted soils and because it’s being picked unripe.

And of cause, agriculturally grown greens are also depleted in minerals, but since they have more minerals than fruit by default, they are still very helpful in meeting our mineral needs. But it’s even better to eat some wild edible greens, since they are less affected by pesticides and are more nutritionally dense overall.

And if you find it hard to digest greens the best solution is to juice them with some fruits or veggies. And if you don’t have a juicer, blend your greens with some tomatoes or even just water and strain it.

It’s that simple and it can save your life, because naturally occurring, bio available minerals, are absolutely essential for our body to function properly and keeping us healthy and happy!