Happy Raw Reny’s Gift and Discounts for Raw Food Mastery Summit listeners

1. Free 7-day raw vegan boost with daily recipes and inspirational videos

A completely free  brand new educational and inspirational raw vegan mini-program that will boost your health and lifestyle to a whole new level!

I also added exercise and meditation suggestions for every day so you can start seeing some awesome results right away.

Get your spot soon to be able to win an amazing gift (value $88 plus bonuses) that we will give to the most active participant.

Join our program today to upgrade your health and win an amazing gift we are offering to the most active participant!

* Daily inspirational and educational videos about raw vegan lifestyle

* Raw vegan recipes for:
- Smoothie bowls
- Salads with dressings
- Raw soups
- Savoury treats
- Sweet fruity fat free treats

2. 40% discount for my 4 week raw vegan meal planner for spring

Get my brand new 4 week raw vegan meal planner for spring

This fully raw vegan meal plan is loaded with colorful pictures and has all the different recipes for every single meal for four weeks. 

I also added daily suggestions for exercise and meditation.

All the recipes are very simple and do not require dehydrator. There are a few dehydrated ingredients, but they are not required.

I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions, message me on Facebook or Instagram. My name on all social media is Happy Raw Reny. 

Regular price: $22 US dollars
With your discount: only $13.20 US dollars

Get the book here: https://payhip.com/b/zKlU
The discount code is: JesseReny2020

3. 50% discount for the new vesion of our Raw Vegan Ninja Success System

Raw Vegan Ninja Success System

What you'll get:

  • Daily video lessons
  • A collection of raw vegan recipes
  • Weekly worksheets
  • Weekly group coaching
  • Private support group

Our program will be opening within a couple of weeks.

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