Option 1 – whole fruit and green drink

To make it super simple and ultra fast, you can just grab some ripe fruit form your fruit stash. You do need to get the fruit in advance though, but it’s soooo worth it.

I do think that getting your greens with every meal is super helpful for reducing cravings, slimming down and resolving deficiencies. The fastest way to get your greens would be to mix some green powder with water or fresh juice, if you can get it or make it in advance.

Squeezing citrus juice is quite fast, especially with a hand squeezer.

The only thing that might slow you down is eating a lot of whole fruit.

You could try to chop your fruit into a fruit salad. It might make eating a large amount of fruit faster and easier for you.

To eat your breakfast even faster, go to the option 2:

Option 2 – green smoothies

If you don’t mind wiping up something fast and easy, while getting your fresh greens in, green smoothie or simple fruit smoothie is your thing!

If you hydrate really well and eating lower fat diet overall, you should be able to adsorb the sugar from a fruit smoothie without greens pretty well. I would still prefer to add greens, for minerals, satisfaction and slimming effect.

If you feel dizzy or any other symptoms after a fruit smoothie, adding greens can definitely help. Start with a small amount of strong tasting greens to give your body a chance to get used to it.

While it’s fastest to drink your smoothie down straight from a blender, it’s much more satisfying to pour it in a bowl, chop some fruit on top and eat it with a spoon. Like this smoothie bowl here:

Peachy Berry Bowl 


2 peeled peaches (blended peel is quite sour) (300 g / 0,66 lb)
2 mangoes (670 g / 1.47 lb)
4 bananas (480 g / 1.05 lb)
1/2 head of Romaine (230 g / 0.5 lb)
1 leaf of kale (10 g / 0.02 lb)


2 chopped peaches (300 g / 0,66 lb)
1 cup of mixed berries (130 g / 0.28 lb)

NB! If you can’t get peaches, you can replace them with 100 g / 0.22 lb of dried apricots (half for blending and half for adding on top), soak for an hour for easier blending, healthier teeth and better flavour.

Option 3 – prepare delicious treats in advance

If you like to quickly grab something from the fridge without having to make anything, weekend prep might be your answer.

Banana pancakes, frappes and cinnamon rolls look like they would take tons of time to make, but the prep time is actually very short, depends which recipe you use. Sure, waiting for them to dehydrate takes time, but you are free to do whatever else you need during this time. So I wouldn’t really count it. Plus, you get to enjoy a fantastic smell in your house.

The fastest banana pancake recipe I’ve ever made is a single ingredient shredded banana pancake, recipe below. 🙂

Fluffy Pancakes & Berry Jam


8 bananas 960 g / 2.1 lb

Mix in (optional):

2 tbsp psyllium powder 18 g / 0.04 lb
1 tsp cinnamon powder 5 g / 0.01 lb
1 tsp cardamom powder 5 g / 0.01 lb

Making the pancakes

  • Put one or two big scoops (depending on the size of the pancake) of banana mixture on a dehydrator sheet far enough from each other
  • Dehydrate about 5-6 hours.
  • Flip pancakes and dehydrate until solid, but soft, about 6-8 hours.

Blend for the jam:

1 cup of soaked dates 1 cup fresh or frozen thawed out berries

Layer pancakes with the jam and sprinkle some berries on top. Let them sit in a fridge for a few hours, up to a week for a super soft, cooked-like texture.

Enjoy with a cup of herbal tea if you like.

You can make many dehydrated fruit treats like this. And blend fresh fruit jams to enjoy with them or on a smoothie.

Which type of breakfast is right for you? Which one you choose most of the time? Share in the comments below.